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    Pixel Art Smart Speaker

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    Meet The Pixit Smart Speaker! - This retro Bluetooth speaker is a portable, mini entertainment center! It features a 6W DSP speaker with 16x16 pixel, 256 full RGB self-programmable LED screen, has various other features like an alarm clock, scorekeeper, stopwatch, and calendar.

    Beat Boredom at Home - This Pixel Art Smart Speaker can stream your favorite music playlists, or be the life of the party at a get-together with friends. Enjoy the incredible sound and the surprisingly deep bass of this incredible speaker!

    Real-time Drawing - This retro Pixel Art Smart Speaker can be customized to display whatever pixel art you like. Its bright and vibrant LED display allows you to create your very own pixel art! Unleash your creativity and draw on your speaker in real-time!

    Turn Your Speaker Into An Arcade! - Enjoy playing up to 17 different nostalgia-bringing gaming classics together with friends and family, or on your own; no matter where you are! Play classics like Tetris, Snake, and Frogger, play games together with friends, and family. Even enjoy more modern favorites like Flappy Bird and Candy Crush as well! Become the star of every field or road trip, and have everyone at school, or at work, begging you for their own chance to play!

    Widgets - Display useful widgets like local time, weather, temperature, and utilize timers, scoreboards, stopwatches, and so much more, no matter where you are.

    Notifications - Optionally display notifications and alerts from your mobile IOS or Android device; directly to your speaker's vibrant LED display. Works with SMS texts, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, and any other app you can think of; so you can notice them all, with just a glance!

    Easy-to-use APP - iOS/ Android phone and tablet compatible. The app is easy to download with the QR code and it is easy to navigate when on it. You can change all the settings via the app and create your own custom pixel art designs or download designs made by thousands of other users.

    Great Gift Idea - It's an led speaker that lets your imagination run wild with limitless creativity. It even comes in a little gift bag, and that would make a great Christmas/birthday gift for someone who likes old computers or retro gaming.

    All in all, experience the coolest speaker you've ever had. Game on!

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